Sunday, May 27, 2012

Compromise de Vente

The river after much rain

During the first three days of this week we have had almost continual rain. Varying from a slight drizzle to torrential rain and the valley has been wreathed in mist cutting off the tops of the trees. Every vista from the house is of dripping greenery. It seemed, at times, like living in a bowl of wet lettuce!
Fortunately the electricity supply and broadband have not failed so I have been able to amuse myself with several games of online scrabble.

Wednesday – The signing of the compromise de vente. Jim (acting for Matthew) and Bernd attended the notaire in Maurs. The business was conducted in a mixture of English, French, German and some Dutch for good measure. Bernd has until the end of August to find the purchase money and after completion the place will be his. All we have to do is to enjoy ourselves for the rest of our time here and then remove our belongings. Some task.

Later in the day when walking along the Nature Trail we saw further, more recent evidence of wild boar including footprints.

Boar footprint
I also spotted another flower:

Bastard Balm 
Before he left for Frankfurt we drank a toast to the success of the sale with Bernd using his homemade schnapps. It is quite tasty. He gave us the remains of the bottle and I gave him some Welsh cakes.

Bernd and Jim exchange farewells
Today as we walked with Rufus along the Nature Trail we met a snake lying across the path.. Rufus saw him first and alerted us by barking. It was a splendid Western Whip about two – three feet long. He made threatening movements, although they are not venomous, but I removed the still barking Rufus so that Jim could take a photo. The snake then disappeared quickly into the undergrowth.

Western Whip
Friday we collected Peter and Jennifer from Rodez airport. They will be here until 3rd June. 
Weather continued fine on Saturday so we all chilled out enjoying the sunshine and the wine. Jim did a bit more wall building. The wall is nearly finished.

Peter reading Barnaby Rudge under the trees with headless dog


  1. Ho Ho! So we brought the good weather from Wales.

  2. So it's a 'done deal' - bitter-sweet, in a way, as I can see that you love the place. The weather seems to have improved with the arrival of your guests. Have a lovely week - reading under the trees looks heavenly!