Monday, May 7, 2012

Cuckoo, cuckoo!

Early Purple Orchid (Orchis mascula) 

We have arrived back at Moulin du Clout for a stay of about three months. On our second day here we heard the cuckoo in the forest and he/she has been calling ever since. That makes me feel at home here.

Our journey down through France was wet - steady rain most of the time but Tuesday dawned warm and sunny however, the weather has changed again growing colder and more rain, albeit at intervals.

When we checked out the nature trail we found evidence of wild boar activity. The pictures show 'rooting' which is just that - the pigs digging up roots and fungi. We have yet to find other signs - scat, wallows and rubs or possible sleeping sites but we will carry on searching. We might even get to see the animals themselves and I hope we have a camera with us when we do.

This is a beetle but I haven't found out it's name yet. Rather pretty but I would rather it stayed in the garden and did not come into the conservatory. Below is a little friend - he let me get up quite close.

My nephew Steve and his family arrived on Saturday to stay for a few days on route for Spain where his father, Eddie lives. The weather is not good which is a shame.

Amelia - aged 6 months
All the bulb planting and tubs of winter pansies have come to nothing. The winter weather/mice or whatever has done for the lot. We went out and bought a load of plants to put in the tubs to brighten things up.


  1. Hallo Brenda - the beetle's name is Alexander and people have been searching for him for nigh on 90 years. Keep him secure. Hope the wild boar emerge when we come to visit you. Very cold and wet here. Like the flowers. Am trying to work out where Amelia is; I see the terrace table and one of the Mill's knives - otherwise I might think it had been taken elsewhere. No cuckoos here.

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  3. Alexander has been evicted.
    Amelia is on the terrace sitting on her father's lap. The wooden flooring to the extended seating area is in the background.

  4. You're back! Now I'll be transported to that magical old mill in France - lovely to see you again.