Sunday, May 20, 2012

Life is a Bag of Nuts

Referring to the title of this post - I mean three and a half bags. These are the walnuts that were/are going to be made into walnut oil. It seems that after we gave them to our friends in the village they were cracked open but the kernels and the shells put back into the bags. We now have to separate them before taking them to the miller. Jim has made a start and done the half bag. I see the job akin to ironing or doing my tax return but I suppose I will have to do my share. I don't even like walnut oil!

Bags of cracked walnuts
The walnut trees are the last to come into leaf which is a good thing here because the terrace is overshadowed by two large ones and it is pleasant to sit in the spring sun. Later on in the year when the sun is hotter we are grateful for the shade.
The young walnut leaves are very attractive as they emerge. They have reddish tinge to them, which when set against the green backdrop of the forest resemble flowers. I have tried to capture this on camera.

There have been many emails flying back and forth between the interested parties concerning the sale of the Moulin du Clout. Events are moving on and our buyer will be signing the agreement to purchase next week. As Bernd is here until next Thursday he has asked to help with the work around the domaine. We have given the vegetable garden over to him which, if all goes well, will be his anyway when the vegetables, if any, are ready to be eaten. He has set to with the weeding.

Regretfully, I have abandoned the boules piste. This needs a good weeding also but I see no future in it. 

The weather has been very mixed this last week - some fine days but mostly colder. Not at all seasonal! We might just as well be in Wales although everything is very green and growing fast.

On Wednesday Caro came to supper and we invited Bernd to join us. Conversation was a struggle although we managed to get by. Caro was a great help. Both she and I are back on the Dukan diet although she was more self-denying than I was. I ate the pudding.

We talked about the forthcoming Shakespeare Show.  Caro and Den have agreed to do two scenes from the Scottish play. Which leaves me with an extra piece - 'Portia's speech'. No matter, although I have found it more difficult to learn the lines than I thought it would be. This morning I can't remember what I learned yesterday afternoon. Is this show a good idea?

I continue to find the occasional new flower and insect. Not that I am that bothered about the insects but some of them are intriguing. I cannot find the names of the beetles - I think they are some species of leaf beetle - if anyone knows I should like to hear.

Muscari comosum   Tassel Hyacinth



On Saturday we went to Figeac market to do a bit of shopping. Always a pleasure wandering around the old streets. Here is Jim walking down my favourite one:

Rue Emile Zola

I leave you with these two views taken from the terrace yesterday evening. As you can see Jim has made progress with the wall. You will also notice it is raining and still is (14.00 Sunday). Rufus won't go out and we are unable to go to a Foire aux Fleurs and Vide-Greniers in Viazac which we were looking forward to.


  1. Ha! Well we'll help sort the walnuts, but I imagine the squirrels would be pretty good at this too! The weather has been lousy here, too and the walnut tree that came from the Mill is only just sprouting (a good fortnight behind yours). The walnut saplings you left us in pots are dead - just rotted away. Do you know what that clematis is? Otherwise I might try to take a cutting. I have found that some of my apple tree grafts have taken - if you scratch them they are green - but they aren't shooting. Maybe next year. Others are quite dead. Where did the green fence come from on the bridge. The Medlar in the garden - also from the Mill - has just produced its first flower which I must photograph.
    Did you know that beetles were God's hobby? He made more kinds of beetles than anything else. What am I supposed to be doing for the Shakespeare?

  2. Congratulations on your green fingers! I think the Clematis could be 'The President'. The green fence was replaced by the commune council.