Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Shakespeare Show

We have Peter and Jennifer here for a week or so and much activity is planned so today - Saturday - we are 'chilling out' around the Moulin.

Peter reading Barnaby Rudge under the walnut trees
On Friday we have the 'Shakespeare Show' and the posters have gone up so there is no going back now. I am sorting out the programme of events and the costumes. 

On Sunday afternoon we made a visit to Leynhac for a vide-grenier where Peter and Jennifer bought some fine lace for their daughter. The weather was warm and after a walk admiring the architectural gems of the village we had a welcome cold beer in the Auberge.

Rain on Tuesday and we watched the weather forecasts anxiously and hoped that Friday would not be wet.

Heavy rain washing the petals off the Clematis
On Wednesday Caro and Den came to lunch and later we had a rehearsal of our Shakespeare. Mmmm. Decided we needed another rehearsal so that is planned for tomorrow after a visit to Maurs market. It is now agreed that we are doing St Crispin's Day speech from Henry V (Peter), Portia's 'Quality of Mercy' (self), Jaques 'All the World's a Stage', (Peter), Macbeth Act 1, Scene 7 and Act 2, Scene 1 with Den and Caro in the main roles and Jim and Jennifer playing the Doctor and Gentlewoman. Followed by 'The Balcony Scene' from Romeo and Juliet (Jim and Brenda!) then Falstaff 'Honour' speech, Jim and lastly two pieces from A Midsummer Night's Dream - A scene with Oberon and Titania and the Pyramus and Thisbe play to finish. 

Friday was dry and hot. We prepared a British repast of sandwiches, sausage rolls, Welsh cakes, Lemon Drizzle cake and scones. French wine and apple juice to drink as we couldn't get any Pimms, alas.

We produced a respectable show but unfortunately to a small, but appreciative audience as it would seem we clashed with the opening night of the Foire a la Cerise in St Constant. Either that or the French don't care for Shakespeare. Anyway we had a good evening and a lot of laughs. Here are the pictures:

The first arrivals are greeted by the cast in costume
Peter as the King in Henry V
Caro and Den as the Macbeths
Jennifer, Jim and Caro in Macbeth
Jim as Falstaff (plus cushion)
Pyramus, Wall and Thisbe
Jennifer as 'Lion'
Pyramus (Jim) Theseus (Caro) Dog (Rufus) Wall (Den) Moonshine (Brenda) and Thisbe (Peter)
And , yes, some of us, Peter, Jim, Den and Caro learned most of their lines others had to read them. Caro produced some wonderful face paintings for Oberon, Titania and Lion. Full marks to Den and Caro for their performance - we are wishing they lived near Cowbridge instead of Lassal as they would be a valuable addition to CADS.

Saturday was spent relaxing in Figeac, looking at the market, doing the 'Tour' and having lunch out. The 'tour' is a prescribed walk around Figeac with notes describing some of the more notable buildings.

Later we went up to Den and Caro's for tea.

Tomorrow (Sunday) Peter and Jennifer return home. It may be the last time they visit the Moulin du Clout. We plan to visit the Don pottery on the way to Rodez. 

STOP PRESS! As I haven't managed to sign up any suitable Workawayers as yet, the gite is free until 14th July. Book your holiday now!

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  1. Oh I wish! I'd be there in an instant.
    Your afternoon of Shakespeare looks like a lot of fun. What memories you must have made - I can imagine the laughter as you dressed and painted one another. Lucky audience!