Monday, May 24, 2010

A Wedding?

  We were told that there was to be a village wedding. Cyprien thought that it was at one o’clock, certainly ‘apres midi’, followed by that Gallic shrug to indicate he didn’t really know what time. The front of the Mairie was decorated the day before like this:

The Mairie - Fournoules

We decided to turn up at one to see the bride and then go on into Maurs. At one o’clock there was no one about the village. We peered through the windows of the Mairie which was set out inside for a function of some kind. We walked around the village – still no action. We sat in the car for twenty minutes then decided to kill a bit of time by calling on some Brits we had been told about who had converted a barn in a neighbouring village.

Our intention was to leave a note with our name and phone number inviting them to call us if they wanted the contact but we were caught in the act and invited in.

They proved to be a charming couple and I think we shall get on well with them. There was talk of playing bridge, but that means that Jim will have to learn . . .
The barn was beautiful and they now live here permanently.

We missed the wedding, of course, but shortly after our return home the bride and groom turned up at the Moulin and asked if they could have photographs taken. I think they had an image of a chocolate box mill wheel scene and were a bit disappointed but they had some pictures taken anyway. 

Bride and Groom

Peter and Jennifer arrive on Friday and will be staying in the gite. The French family have left – are they going to buy the Moulin? – we are carrying on as though they are not. I have nearly finished painting the little bedroom white, it looks good. I shall start on the kitchen ceiling afterwards when I have finished it.

'Grand Foire' Village Hall - Viazac

We went to another ‘Grande Foire’ - mostly plants and crafts this time. Looks familiar doesn’t it?

I continue to find new flora and fauna.

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