Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back Again

Since my last posting we have been back to the UK for several reasons. Our planned balloon flight booked for 19th April was unfortunately cancelled due to weather conditions.
My 70th birthday came and went. Thank you for all the good wishes, presents and cakes.
We are now safely back at Moulin du Clout where we expect to remain until the end of October.
After a few hot days a cold front has arrived and it is raining steadily. This is sad because we have a Dutch family staying in the gite for a few days and they are not able to fully enjoy what we have to offer. They are prospective purchasers of the Moulin so we would like them to see it at it's best.

Everything is green now although the walnut trees are not yet fully out.

Jim continues with the vegetable planting and I am taking photographs of flora and fauna and cataloguing them. I haven't yet managed to get a picture of the large Green Lizard which scampers about in the vegetable garden.

Here is a spectacular plant. Does anyone know what it is? It's okay - I do - this is a quiz question.

Before we went home, our son, Matthew came for a few days and painted the living room white and restored an old chest he found in the loft of the barn.

It looks much better now and we plan to get other rooms done the same.

This will now make a useful toybox.

There are still a few more weeks available for rent in the gite - a couple in June and all of September and the beginning of October - see other blog (Gite for rent) for tariff and details.

Broadband and telephone now both working. Any of our email address will reach us and the phone number is: 0033471436173 although for those of you in the UK you can use the number:08442320531 which is 3p per minute including VAT day and night and is part of our broadband package. It reroutes to the other number and does not need the 0033 prefix.

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  1. Hellooooooo! Great stuff. So glad you're enjoying yourself. Tried hard to persuade Claz and Kervin to visit - they are shortly on their way with the caravan to visit the circus in Toulouse. But to no avail. What's the plant? And where does it grow?
    LP is coming on. Was down with Lloyd and Barbara doing the lighting this afternoon. Like the new look living room. Also the chest from the barn. You could re-christen the spot 'The Place with the Signal.' Looking forward to seeing you later in the month.