Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peter's Place


This is ‘Peter’s Place that has been mentioned previously. It is a spot, discovered and utilised by Peter on earlier visits. It is on the verge of the rough road overlooking the valley. It has a view of the ruined chateau Merle and gets the late evening sun. A fine place to sip a glass of wine and contemplate nature.  Imagine, also the song of a bird in the trees – usually one we can’t put a name to.
You can just make out the ruin in the middle of the horizon.
Peter used to go here as he could pick up a signal on his dongle if he was lucky. We have dragged two old plastic chairs up here and we rest awhile when we are taking Rufus for an evening walk. Perhaps we can persuade Peter to construct a three or four seater bench out of some oak planks we have and we can all soak in the view and the sun while sharing a bottle or two.
The ‘rough road’ is so called because it is an unmade road continuing the loop from the Moulin up to the departmental road. We never use it with the car it as it has deep ruts and is very stony, but some local people coming down to fish in the river do, in their clapped out Renaults and Citroens.
Last Sunday we went to a ‘Grand Foire’ in a local town, Bagnac. It was little more that a boot fair but at greatly inflated prices.  
Peter and Jennifer know Bagnac as it is where, at Le Hôtel du Commerce, we have had lunch, consisting of five courses, for €11.00. Well, I am sorry to report Peter, that the price is now €14.00 – this includes a bottle of vin ordinaire I should mention.
The chest in the picture above is very similar to the one that Matthew repaired (post below). We thought that the label on it would give the price but it was something in code. We didn’t buy anything except some plants for the garden and a couple of beers.
The French family have arrived to spend four days in the gite. It has rained steadily since. They have three boys, 12, 11 and 8 – all cooped up in the one living room/kitchen. I pray for dry weather tomorrow especially as there is a wedding in the village we have been told. We shall wander up there if it is not raining and report back next time.


  1. Have just commented once and now just lost it by trying to comment from a different account, but why do I bother? I think I said that I am glad to see that Peter's Place has been immortalised with a couple of chairs but then wondered how the battered Citroens would pass - or that they might in their headlong descent tip you over the edge and down into the broom. Might there be a possibility of creating a ledge on the hillside.

    Pity your family in the rain. How are the wildflowers in the meadow?

  2. The chairs are carefully positioned out of the way of traffic (such as it is) but there is certainly the possibilty of building a ledge out. Jim is quite keen on that idea.
    The wild flowers are looking great.
    The rain has stopped today and we now have a weak sun. This are looking better for next week.