Saturday, June 5, 2010


This was the week that Peter and Jennifer visited. They have been regular visitors over the years we have been coming here. We collect them from Rodez, a delightful, small airport about an hour away.

Our first outing was to a pottery market we had seen advertised and it proved to be good. The stalls were set out in a field adjacent to another mill. The standard of the pottery was excellent and we were tempted to buy several bits and pieces.

We were also attracted by the possibily of having the lunch provided - sausage and aligot. Aligot is a dish traditionally made in the south of the Auvergne and made of melted Tomme cheese blended into mashed potatoes, often with some garlic and cream. It is quite delicious and can be bought ready made in the markets and supermarkets.

Another trip was made to Conques. This is our local tourist attraction but well worth the visit. The tiny village of Conques occupies a spectacular position high on the steep, wooded gorge of the River Dourdou, a small tributary of the Lot. It is highly picturesque and peaceful — the Rough Guide to France calls it "one of the great villages of southwest France." Parts of the medieval walls still survive, along with three of its gates. The houses date from the late Middle Ages and are divided by cobbled lanes and stairways that are a pleasure to wander. There several shops selling good quality souveniers, craftwork and postcards and of course, the Abbey itself with the Romanesque carving of the Last Judgment in the tympanum over the main doors.
Tympanum detail: weighing of souls and the gates to heaven and hell

For the third time we had an excellent lunch in the hotel Saint Jacques seated on the terrace.

The bowl of strawberries below is not one of Jim's products although we have been having salad leaves from his vegetable garden and even a serving of small new potatoes, but wild strawberries that grow plentifully here and good served with a bowl of yogurt.

Finally some more flora and fauna - not necessarily to everyone's taste.

 Blossom on Medlar tree

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  1. I have been looking for this for ages. For some reason when I log on you are still preparing for departure. Yet I see I commented on a post a little while back. I'll book mark this page again now. Strangely we were just talking about Conques last evening with Andrew and Heather. But how could Medlar blossom not be to everyone's taste?

    Apologies again for leaving you bereft of comment. My soul will be weighed and found wanting, I fear. I am for the crocodile!