Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nothing Much Happened

We returned Peter and Jennifer to Rodez on Sunday but as their flight wasn't until late afternoon we took a picnic and set off for the Don pottery.

At the Don there was an exhibition by a Spanish sculptor, Teresa Girones. Here is a selection of her pieces:

I liked some of them but we decided to wait until the next exhibition was staged before we made a major purchase. So I bought a little Raku dog by Cherryl Taylor that I had seen there before.

After our picnic by the side of the river in Entraygues we carried on towards Rodez. We came to Estaing, a town we had not previously visited. It was charming and we stopped to walk around and take some pictures.

Made some delicious (even if I do say so myself) wild strawberry jam this week. Wild strawberries are prolific here and Jim is a willing harvester.

The walnut chore is nearly finished (I still haven't done my share) and the bag of cracked shells put in the barn for use on the fire. However, the bag has been interfered with. Something has emptied some of the shells onto the floor presumably during a search for edible remnants of nut. You can see the neat heap of nuts to the left of the bag. Mysterious?

Another odd thing is that the head of the Inukchuck was dislodged somehow. It seems possible that stones could have been thrown at it from the path and we did have a pair or walkers go that way who were pestered by Rufus - retaliation? Anyway Jim climbed up and replaced it.

Weather very mixed this week with some storms overnight and too much rain. Sometimes rather chilly.

On Saturday afternoon we did the walk up to the village and down the valley to the departmental road and round back to the Moulin along the 'rough' road. A very pleasant afternoon walking in the sunshine. We met Cyprien as he was working on his vegetable patch as we went past. He has a new granddaughter born this week.
I took a few pictures along the route of flowers and views.

We could hear a little bird calling from this hole
'What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare'

White Briony Bryonia dioica (Old Man's Beard)
Rufus leads the way
A nice example of the Foxglove Digitalis purpurea

View from the 'rough' road- you can just see the river in the valley bottom
And to finish and splendid specimen from the gite garden:

A Peony

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  1. What a lovely couple of walks. Your views are so different from ours. One of the pleasures of reading blogs is the window on the world it provides. History, botany, art and a little social commentary - lots to read over again.
    Messing with an Inukshuk? Very bad karma, indeed!