Monday, June 14, 2010

Ruthie and Roofie

Ruth needed a break from her job in a Care Home where she works hard so she came to visit us in the Moulin for a week.


She and Rufus took to each other straight away. It was love at first sight. Ruth bought Rufus a present of a stuffed, squeaky duck and he loves it. Ruth played ball with him, took him for unscheduled walks in the fields and cooched up on the sofa with him when we watched DVDS in the evening.

Roofie and the Duck

During her visit we went again to Conques where Ruth bought gifts for her friends and family. On a hot day we went to the beach. There was talk of swimming but the water was too cold but we did some sun bathing and had a picnic.

Beach on the Lake

This beach is not on the coast, of course, we are too far away for that.  The place is called  Lake Ribeyrie and is the largest artificial lake in the Auvergne. It is a reservoir created by EDF between 1935 and 1945 in the valley of the Cere at Saint-Etienne-Cantalès. It has many beaches and leisure facilities. It is about an hours drive away from the Moulin.

Map showing Lake

Our final outing was to the Foire à la Cerise (Cherry Fair) at St Constant – just 10 minutes down the road. It was a two-day affair but as Ruth was catching her plane in Toulouse on the Sunday we were only able to enjoy the festivities on the Saturday. When we arrived after lunch we found people playing boule on every available spot. Not a cherry or tombola stall in site. We looked at the schedule of events and decided to come back in time for the Soirée Danse Country (sous le chapiteau, entrée gratuite and initiation) and the Grand Feu d’Artifice.
This we did.
Line Dancing (no we didn't)

Feu d'Artifice

We returned Ruth to Toulouse on the Sunday and we, ourselves stayed overnight so that we could make a trip to IKEA on Monday morning to get some more flooring and other stuff for the house and gite. This enabled us to spend the evening wandering around part of the town and eating out.

 Love a duck!

I think Ruthie enjoyed her visit but Roofie is now bereft. He wanders around in a lacklustre manner pining for his lost love. I have bought him a new ball to cheer him up.

 Longhorn beetle

No. I don't like them either. Next time:'corsets at the market' and 'street theatre'.


  1. Love to see the lake. How come we have missed it?

  2. The weather was never quite good enough and we forgot about it - having only been there once before. It is on the way to Aurillac.