Tuesday, October 5, 2010


View down the Redwood Field towards the river
 It's official - The Moulin is no longer for sale. Matthew has decided that he likes it here too much to want to sell and so long as we are prepared to come and enjoy ourselves and do the odd bit of maintenance it is not for sale.
We now plan to come again next year at the beginning of April (after the March Production at CADS) until late autumn.

Malek and Rene gave me a large leg of venison during their stay. I believe Malek's brother-in-law is a hunter. This gifting of food has happened everytime they have stayed here - from home made jams and honey to freshly barbecued meats - and, of course, the crayfish. We get on so well with them and they love it here so much, we are quite sorry that they will not be able to buy it. The family have booked another week just before we leave for home. We must try and get the Bread Oven going this time for the boys to make pizzas.

I have had no replies to last week's quiz question - the answer is, however, Morel mushrooms. We went on Sunday 26th to the Mushroom Festival at Prunet. I big improvement on the last time we went - two years ago - with Peter and Jennifer. It rained and the event was a dismal affair - not much happening and not many people. It was good this time.

Here are some pictures:
Sausage stall

White and yellow Nougat
Folk dancing in National Costume
During the week the council came and 'fixed' the road down to the Moulin. It was all done in a day but because it was a Thursday and market day we were out when they started and the road was blocked on our return so we had to go down the 'rough road'. The finished road resembles a patchwork quilt.

This picture is for Toby and Ben - the man is squirting tar on the road
 We renewed our acquaintence with Hazel and Piers who have a house at the top of the village which they are renovating. They live in London but make frequent visits. We were impressed to find Hazel doing the plumbing. I have missed a trick there. Happily.

Rufus keeping a lookout for squirrells
Rufus has turned his attention from lizards and flies to squirrells. These are plentiful now the nuts are ripe. He watches from the window and spots them running along the brances of the walnut trees. He shrieks and squeals with excitement and dashes outside, across the lawn and up the bank opposite to the level of the branches where he thinks they are. He hasn't caught any yet. And I haven't either with my camera.

The walnuts and chestnuts are falling fast now. The ground is covered in them. We gave a large bag of walnuts to the Post lady as she has been most helpful.

Last weekend there was a vide-grenier at Boisset and a Fete de la Noix at Senerzergues. We made a day of it. First to Boisset where there was one of these:
A stuffed fox
I wasn't allowed to buy it and in any case they wanted €25 for it and it was a bit moth-eaten. I bought a rather nice jig-saw instead.

More pictures from Boisset:
No, they weren't stuffed - they were pulling a cart full of children
Display of old agricultural machinery

Then on to Senezergues. There is a lovely chateau here - unoccupied but in a beautiful setting.

Man in medieval costume

There was some medieval jousting or some such which we missed but got the photo of the chappie above - rather a splendid outfit.

A band:
and some geese:

During our drive to both these places we were reminded just how beautiful the countryside is here. Deep bosky valleys, rocky cliffs and crags and sun-lit uplands all connected by an intestine of winding roads - so convoluted that you think you are coming back before you are hafway there. Every journey takes an age and your breath away on occasions - come and see for yourselves - next year.


  1. Oh do tell what has happened to the road. What was that machinery? It all looks dreadful. Have they tarmac-ed the back road? Or where they just filling holes. Love the fox? or is it something else. Why did you not buy it to go with Martin? I have blogged about the water gods.Did we not visit Senerzgues? It seems familiar. Did you not photograph a shed there? Wonderful Geese would do well at the Mill.

  2. The road-menders only did the Fournoules road - the rough road belongs in Mourjou - remember? They just filled holes rather sloppily.
    It is a fox, they wanted too much for it.
    We did visit Senerzegues - last year, I think.