Sunday, October 17, 2010


I’m a bit late with this post as not a lot has happened recently except that the weather has got a lot colder with occasional rain and mist. We have stopped eating on the terrace and have got the woodburners going most days.

On the return from a shopping trip to Aurillac we took the back roads in an effort to find some ruins. They are to be the subject of this years calendar; “Ruins of the Auvergne”. We found four rather good ones. I was devastated to discover that one of my favourites, on the way to Decazaville, had been demolished. I never did get round to photographing it so that, sadly, will not be featuring on the calender. I nearly have my dozen, so if you are interested put in your order now for a calendar. . .

Last weekend 9th/10th October we had a craft fair in Maurs. The stalls are spread around the town with musicians playing – quite a jolly affair. The only thing I bought was a new bag – shhh! Don’t tell Jim – I have enough handbags to stock my own stall.

pottery stall

Another pottery stall
A colourful pair
The highlight of the week was a visit from my brother-in-law Eddie, who lives in Valencia, Spain. He was on his way back to the U.K. to visit friends and family and made a stopover at the Moulin. It was his first visit here and Jim was eager to show him the mill workings and the domaine. I think Eddie enjoyed his visit especially the time on the tractor.
Another occasion for a meal at L’Auverge de Mourjou – excellent.

Much progress has been made on the Nature Trail – mentioned in earlier posts. The route has been hacked through from the river path and up through the Broom field to the rough road and thence to Peter’s Place. There is still some work to do tidying this up and putting in a step or two in places but it is a grand achievement. Jim has also traced a route partway across the crags although we are not quite sure where we are going with this yet. We need to get down to the weir somehow and then back to the other side of the house. However, from the top of the crags you get this view of the house:

Next year I am hoping to get a couple of Wwoofers or similar here in April to do some work around the place. For those who don’t know what Wwoofers are look at these sites:
To this end I have prepared another blog to explain all: If any of you know anybody who might be suitable ask them to check it out and contact me.

Matthew and his friend Andre are coming for a few days at the end of this week. They plan to do work. I think Jim has a scheme to build a platform out from Peter’s Place for what purpose I’m not sure. If the weather is inclement they will be painting the kitchen. I shall be cooking the leg of venison that is in the freezer and various other housewifely chores jobs.

We have started to sort our belongings for our return in two weeks. And we are watching the French News with interest. If the current fuel situation here gets worse we may have difficulty getting enough petrol to make the long journey home.

And finally, Ruth, if you are reading this - Rufus still loves his Duckie and plays with it a lot.


  1. Yes please to a calendar! Glad to see so much has gone on. What is that colourful pair selling or making. He looks as though he wants her to dance! Clogs for him but she appears to have something more comfortable. Why is she resting her feet on a brick? So many questions. Good luck with the Wwoofers (and with the barker too) and I do hope you get home. I think there are jerry cans in the Mill loft.

  2. The woman was lace-making and she has her feet on a brick to raise her knees level to support the lace cushion. He doesn't do anything. He is a man. He just walked about looking picturesque.