Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fishing but not Feasting

View from the extended terrace
A trip to the Poterie du Don again today - (Sunday). We hope to get a replacement lid for the teapot brought from here as well as viewing the new exhibition and perhaps making a purchase.

These two by Emma Rodgers and the ones below by Elaine Peto:

And our favourite which we bought, also by Elaine Peto:

We met Den and Caro at the pottery with their family. 

Malek and his wife Christiane arrived Monday evening for a few days. I hope the weather is kind to them.

On Tuesday the students from Toulouse came to look at the fish in the river again. They came last year. They catch some of the fish, weigh and measure them, check their health and then put them back. Here is a picture of Malek showing them some his samples he caught fishing in the millpond.

Thursday market day and in the afternoon I sat on the terrace in the sun working out my rehearsal programme for Dangerous Corner. Very pleasant. 

Our granddaughter Joni phoned and told us she had shaken hands with the Prince of Wales! Something about he was visiting the area to apologise about a bomb being dropped on their village during the war!

We invited Malek and Christiane together with Caro (Den has returned to the UK for a few days) to supper on Friday. A good evening. Caro told us about the miserable day she has had. Apparently during the night a cow fell into their swimming pool, wrecking the cover, fouling the water and goodness knows what other damage. The farmer, who owns the cow is not insured, and has not even apologised.

I think Caro is demonstrating to Malek how the cow used the pool cover as a trampoline

And Saturday was spent sorting our stuff and beginning to pack the trailer. Our departure is starting to be a reality.

My stuffed animals have been packed into that large box - nobody loves them like I do. They don't need feeding nor do they create a furore when someone walks past the Moulin or knocks the door.

Despite the fact that it is July 14th today the village of Fournoules does not have a Celebration Supper as in previous years because no one could be found to organise it. So for the first time in 28 years - nothing! We are disappointed as we thought it would be nice to meet the villagers one more time before we left.
Harebell Campanula Rotundifolia

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  1. Had we been there we could have organised a supper for the village - I am sure the Deputy Maire, having seen what we did with the Shakespeare would have given us a budget for fireworks and Caro might have built on her budding Thespian career or better still might have painted everyones faces red, white and blue. Yes, leaving is indeed very sad.