Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Social Whirl

Bracket fungus - not identified
A craft fair in Maurs today with a vide grenier in the school yard. What a treat.

We went to the vide grenier first as we didn't want to miss any bargains. No taxidermy, jigsaws or old photos but we came away with a junior potter's wheel and a dress pattern from the 50's to add to my collection for costume making.

The craft fair was good and we met Caro and Den buying a picturesque umbrella. We were very tempted but we bought Jim a new knife instead. The Auvergne is famous for it's umbrellas and penknives.
We had a coffee with Den and Caro who introduced us to a couple of other Brits Barry and Penny who have a house the other side of Maurs. 
Some of the artisans stalls:
A metal worker

Have a hat and slippers to match

Some curious clay figures

Caro invited us to supper on Friday - it is going to be a sociable week.

Damp on Monday morning and we were not sure if the wrinklies' walk would be on but it cleared up later and the afternoon became very pleasant indeed.

The walk started at the village of ? and it lasted a couple of hours or so - very enjoyable. At one place in the forest it looked as though a children's camp had been there during the summer as some of the trees had been painted with designs.

Here the party enjoy the view before returning to our cars and a picture of Jim, Rufus, Den and Caro.

I took a Lemon Drizzle cake this time and someone else took a Fouace. My goodness - this is going to get competitive. And talking about competitions Caro thought I might have taught Jim to play Bridge by next Friday. Ha! I haven't dared even mention it again to him. Anyway as we shall be six and Peter and Jennifer don't play it wouldn't have been much use.

Market day on Thursday - nothing special except this amusing little incident - chicken escape.

In the evening we went up to the village to an 'Apero' at Cyprien and Marie-Therese's house. Den and Caro were there together with Didier and Brigitte. The conversation was almost exclusively French and I found I understood a good deal but, of course, contributed nothing. Marie-Therese had prepared a good deal of enjoyable food which we weren't expecting and we had very jolly time. I wish I spoke French.
We collected Peter and Jennifer from Rodez airport on Friday and then all went to Den and Caro's for a meal. A splendid evening with much food, drink and conversation - all in English this time. 

Saturday - Den came for coffee and showed me how to use Calibre on my computer which is a programme for getting books onto my Kindle other than those purchased and downloaded from Amazon and the like. Then we went for lunch at La Planche du Souq. Excellent lunch sitting outside in the sun and after a conversation with the Patron learned that they had spent some time in UK. Nice people - we shall go there again, I think.

Types of wood used by craftsperson


  1. Well I never did! I am looking forward to the wrinklies walk. Love those tree paintings. They could almost have been done by the ice age people,
    but it might have been something to do with the World Rugby Cup.

  2. The painted trees are great! Over here there are painted telephone poles, but no one paints trees, perhaps because the First Nations people carve and paint totem poles, and tree-painting might be seen as cultural appropriation (really!)
    You certainly pack a lot into a few days!