Saturday, June 4, 2011


Last Sunday we made the trip to the Volcano National Park. Despite our worries the Pas de Payrol was open and the world and his wife were all there.
We took a picnic and found a good place to eat it at - useful to remember for next time as the restaurants are all so crowded when the weather is good.
We didn't do anything but drive around and look at the scenery. I think Ben would have liked to walk but really we hadn't organised the day to allow us enough time to do that.
Here are some more photos of the area:

Ben had made his plans to leave on Wednesday so he used the Monday and Tuesday to finish painting the gite door and doing some puttying around the windows. He also did some good work on the weeds on the nature trail. We shall miss him when he has left perhaps we will get another Workawayer.

I have made progress on my quilt - 25 blocks done - only another 45 to go! Here are a few of my favourite ones:

The gite border is looking good - everything is flourishing although we have to keep watering it in dry weather. The grapevine up the pergola is growing well and even Peter's 'Black-Eyed Susan' is making a brave effort despite it's shady position.

On Friday Anais, Flora and Amelie came down and asked us if we would like to go up to the village and pick some cherries. Apparently it is a good year for them. Cyprien had already brought us a bucket down earlier in the week and I had made Cherry Clafoutis and Cherry Clafoutis - what else to do with them?

We had read a poster advertising an exhibition about snakes in the museum in Decazaville so on Saturday morning we thought to combine it with a shopping trip.
We had difficulty locating the museum and after taking a tour of the town because of duff directions from a postman we found it opposite where we had parked. An excellent and interesting display of snake info and some about the coal mining in the area. A place to remember for further exhibitions. I picked up a leaflet about a jazz concert in July which we would like to go to.

We went to Cyprien and Marie-Therese's Saturday afternoon and, of course, we were invited in and given a small dish of Agen prunes in alcohol. Wow! Delicious. I must have a go at this. Afterwards we went with them and picked the cherries. 

Jim say this is not a good picture because you can't see how many cherries there are on the tree
That's because they are all in this bucket. I have dug out recipes for cherry jam and pickled cherries. Any other ideas?

We watched all three films in the series 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' - Jim says the books are better.

My broken computer finally arrived in Cardiff to be fixed. Sent by courier via DHL

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  1. Picking cherries - well, you have been accepted into the village, well done. Great pics as always.
    No sign of birds' nets - I guess there are so many cherries it doesn't matter if the birds take a few.