Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Three Sisters

The Finished Pergola
Peter has an interesting extended family. He has a sister and several half-sisters who have never previously met each other. This was to change on the occasion of his 65th birthday which fell on Monday 9th May. One sister, Vicky came over from Suffolk on Sunday and is staying at the Moulin for a few days and two of the half-sisters, Sarah and Alyson were motoring up from the South of France where they live.
Invitations to the party have been sent to friends in the village and to some English people in the next village. The pergola has been festooned with bunting and the tables and chairs arranged. Champagne and the makings of Kir have been bought and food prepared. One of the sisters said she is bringing some cooked duck. The weather, despite rain and a storm forecast, remained warm and sunny. So here we are, partying at Moulin du Clout.

Under the bunting
The Three Sisters - Vicky, Sarah and Alyson with Peter
Brigitte and Alexei
Peter, Dennis, Caro, Jim and Sarah
Alexei, Didier, Marie-Therese and Cyprien
Caro and Jim
Two Sisters - Alyson and Vicky


The tent cake
Marie-Therese's Cake - Gateau de Fournoules
The Birthday cake was shaped like a tent because Peter is directing the next production at CADS - Temporary Shelter by Rose Tremain adapted for the stage by Peter with Rose's enthusiastic endorsement. It will be performed 13th - 16th July at the Market Theatre, Cowbridge. It is about camping in France.
Our neighbour, Marie-Therese, brought a local speciality of her own making and it was delicious - none left!

I think we were all agreed the evening was a small triumph - French and English was spoken and we had a good evening. 
Before the sisters returned home the following day we were invited to the home of Dennis and Caro in Lessal which is a barn they have converted. It is spectacular - unfortunately we do not have any pictures yet. The also have a farmhouse which they rent out and the website for this is:

Work has resumed in the domaine. Jim and Peter have been trashing the new growth on the nature trail and trimming unwanted trees and branches. Jim has been trying out his new waders.

And this is one of the growing pumpkin plants:

One of Cyprien's ponies now in the upper field
We returned Vicky to Rodez on Wednesday via a visit to Conques for lunch, the weather remaining gloriously warm and sunny. On Friday we decided to look in at the pottery exhibition at the Don Pottery. 
The potter is Cormac Boydell and we all liked his work.

 Fortunately, most of our first choices, the more expensive stuff, had already been sold but we were tempted by this:

As you can see it now has a little red spot on it but we couldn't bring it home as the whole exhibition is presently going to Paris and we will be told when we can have it.

Peter and Jennifer's last day has been spent mooching around the domaine as we awoke to heavy rain which has continued most of the day. We are hoping that tomorrow will be fine as we would like to return them to Rodez tomorrow afternoon by way of Belcastle for lunch where we have not yet been.

Jim's vegetable garden

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