Sunday, April 17, 2011

Origami Pots

Not a very eventful week as I have had a miserable cough/cold and Jim has been busy with his vegetable garden.
Over the years we have been coming here Jim has occasionally spotted a large brightly coloured lizard amongst his veggies. This year there seem to be several scurrying about and today we got some pictures.
European Green Lizard

He is rather splendid isn't he? They seem to have got used to Jim coming and going and just stare motionless as he walks by. Probably be a different story when Rufus spots one.
Jim also saw two Coypu up by the leat a few days after our arrival but hasn't seen them since.

The weather has continued dry and sunny - rather too dry as we are having to water all our new plantings by hand as the garden reservoir is empty. 
All of the trees we brought from the UK seem to be thriving including two suckers from the Sumach at Eastgate which itself was grown from a sucker at Ryder Street and before that Whitechapel. I think the original came from my Dad's garden in Solihull - so it is somewhat of an heirloom.

As Easter is upon us I have set up my Easter Tree in the living room. This is more fun than a Christmas Tree as the dead twigs cost nothing and there are no needles to bother about. I need a few chocolate novelties to finish it off which I will get next time we are in Maurs.

Matthew and Andre arrive on Monday and we are girding our loins for the projects he has on his list:
1. Preparation of seeds and ground for the mass planting of pumpkins (and perhaps sunflowers). The pumpkins are to be used eventually as Halloween lanterns carved by Matthew and sold (given away) at the Moujou Chestnut Festival. The flesh to made into Pumpkin and Chestnut soup. To this end I have made some origami seed pots out of old newspapers and put them into some crates we found in the Cave. Cost - nothing, except for the seed compost which I am filling them with.
Only the best paper - the Guardian and Le Figaro

PS. Matthew and Andre have arrived safely - it is now Monday

2.  A pergola or loggia in front of the gite.
3. The boules piste and badminton court in the Redwood field.

I shall report progress on these projects if and when.

Bumper crop this year - should have made some wine


  1. What is a Sumach? - you must remember to show me. Sorry about the cold. Just about everyone here has had one including me. I've still got a snuffle. Keep the posts coming. I've more to say on pumpkins and Quebec, but must run J down to the surgery.

  2. You will see the Sumachs in May - they are already developing leaves.

  3. I guess the Guardian pots are the ones on the left and the Figaro, the ones on the right.