Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Leaving for France Soon . . .

Thursday 11th
Finally left! Travelled via Channel tunnel, Rouen and Limoges. Trailer no problem except we can't reverse it. Must practice. Arrived at Moulin du Clout Saturday 13th. No problems except phone not working and very, very cold.
Wednesday 3rd
We did plan to leave on Saturday 6th of March but there is still so much to do to leave the house in a rentable state so we have put it off until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.
There is a growing pile of stuff in the dining room that we are planning to take with us. Shall we get it all in the car and trailer? Do I really need all that knitting?

Thursday 4th
Managed to get outside for a couple of hours this afternoon to tidy up the garden. The harsh winter and Rufus have combined to make a sorry site/sight of it. Rufus has churned up the lawn with his 'handbrake turns' and a lot of my pots have become shattered in the frost. I have also lost several shrubs including the Callistemon which was probably 15 - 20 years old. It was always a bit hit and miss with the flowering probably because it never got quite enough sun but I shall miss it.

Friday 5th
Had my last session of Market Theatre bridge this afternoon. Instead of playing I made a start on cleaning the Theatre kitchen. Got to get rid of those mouse droppings!
Handed over the keys to Nancy who will be in charge during my absence. I told them all I wouldn't miss bridge as there would be so much else to do. We shall see.

Saturday 6th
Spent some more time in the garden - it is a mess. Lost some of my roses I discovered. Jim cleaned out the greenhouse - long overdue. More packing done. Sorted out a route from Calais missing Paris and identified an Ibis at Rouen to stay.

Sunday 7th
More work in the garden. Then more packing. Neighbours round for drinks - luckily they bought a bottle as we have got rid of our drink stash.

Monday 8th
Started clearing each room out - tempted to make it a Thursday departure now as I can't see us being ready to go on Wednesday. Jim took a load to the storage unit.
We still have too much stuff!


  1. Can I be the first to comment? On the first blog?
    You are very brave and you are tidy too; evidently you have the tidy bug at the moment to tackle all those cupboards in the theatre kitchen. All I can say it was worse, obviously, in Shakespeare's day.
    But shouldn't you be packing rather than blogging? Away with you otherwise you won't have left before it is time to come back.

  2. Well, farewell. Have a happy journey. Quite sad to see you going. But ye'll be hasting back next month I predict. Will look out for posts en route

  3. What a brilliant blog! I don't know if you will ever receive this so I'll say no more [except: What has my Google account got to do with your blog?]